Meeting 5 October 2019 -- Minutes for this Meeting

British Classification Society, conference and AGM (Annual General Meeting), Saturday 05.10.2019. For the conference, ten participants. The previous AGM was in the University of Essex in 2015. Constitution, to be sent to members before the next AGM. Discussion of British Classification Society membership of IFCS, International Federation of Classification Societies, and now also EuADS, European Assocation of Data Science. (For EuADS, £500 per year. What will help to have the British CLassification Society as a member of EuADS is to have a lot more members of the British CLassification Society. The president of EuADS has been Berthold Lausen. Example of society membership of EuADS, GfKl, Gesselschaft fuer Klassifikation, the German classification society.) Possible and probable next British Classification Society meetings: (i) an event in memory of John Gower, in March 2021, relating to John's birthday; (ii) possibly an event on a Saturday in March 2020 (arranged by Renato Cordeiro De Amorin); (iii) a conference in September 2020 in Glasgow (arranged by Nema Dean).




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